2011年9月7日 星期三

Anything For Love(Literal Version)-Meatloaf(中文歌詞)

Anything for Love
原唱者:Meat Loaf

And I just got chased into this room

Fake lightening and subliminal girl

My fingernails are way too long, but I don't have time for a manicure

look again at my hand because it's one long shot show the girl

Light branch faded into the room

The po-po are going through my stuff


They 'd better not touch my chanderlier

They may have flash light

But I am a Kool- Aid Man

I am running from a dead guy

the forest is really blue

I think I just walked into a ad of Herbal Essence

she is wahing her head in a fountain

Reflection just gave me away

Oh crap I just drop my shining necklace on some stupid twig

She never got naked :(

She found my necklace

Where'd I go?

Am I in green forest?

No I am in a blue one

How'd she know?

The music get real dramatic

Forget where I park my friggin bike

There is too much blue filter

Show woman then cut to my house

You can tell my electric bills are unpaid

I am spying on women in a cup

Should be illegal in 50 states

And a fade-in from black implies it took a long time for her to walk to my house

Spot lighting and pan around my chair while I hunch my back

I want my nake lace back

There is a hot girl coming up

but I am still looking at this cup


What is the deal with that?

Hide from the girl, she is on the stairs

Magic propels my rolly chair

but she just won't sit

I am using too many candles

oh look I have make up on

Zoom in on this fireplace and also on the tacky ring

I took off my makeup

now she is sleeping in in chair

My makeup is back on now

and she is bathing on her underwear

police found the dead guy

Spooky trenchcoat

Detective, weird eyes and no makeup and screaming

My bedroom is really wicked cool

no makeup now make back

My matress is made of gypsy slut

craftmatic charge extra for that

but I can't watch my TV because the fake lesbians are being so loud back there

Arch back are teased by gypsy slut

Quick Licking and close-up of her tongue

director won't let my join the fun, but I won't get mad

Same cop from Janie Got the Gun

Reflection and my tacky ring

This lyrics is translated by Three Minute Passion

Loud sound made my head hurt

Break thing to show that I am upset

That's 56 years of bad luck

And now it's raining glass

Hallway dissove

Cool dress shows her underpants

check out this butt shot

I continue to spy on her by using random things in my house like this

and then I go lift her with my couch

but she won't freak out she is gonna sing instead

Had to rent a crane just to get this shot

And we stole this flying couch from that film "Return to OZ"

Now to show the cop arriving outside

I am in the ball

Now I am not in that ball

Now I am playing my hair in all four these shots

All lyrics translations from  Three Minutes Passion are original

Then we will show you the front doors in order to advance the plot

Enter cops and all your candles get blown

I felt the draft

Oh no my exploding glass

The set is a mess, you broke everything in site

You spent half of our budget in candles and flashlight

and your makeup took hours to put on

So did your lips

Give me my necklace back!

I dropped your jewery but now look at me

I can give you a quick thrill before we leave while your necklace distract them

Put your head in my cleave

I hope it fits

You got real nice XXX

Where's my makeup go?

It must have been rubbed off between your boobs

I think I know where I parked my bike

Teleport to that

Still want my necklace back



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